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Welcome to Soul Play Games
Welcome to Soul Play Games

Want to add extra kink to your already hot sex-life?
Maybe meet a few kinksters in the process?
Then join our Private Club as for  just 20 Euro per year,
you can access all our digital Orgasmic Sex Games, BDSM Manuals and online community.  


Joining means:

  • You gain access to all the Orgasmic Sex Games, BDSM Manuals and the Weekly Sex Spice.
  • You have your own profile, on which you can upload  Images, create albums and make a  Bio.   Kink and nudity is allowed.  
  • You can view and search other Members profiles by kink/age/location/online status.
  • You can sent and receive Private Messages (optional), video’s, GIF’s, pictures and files.
  • You have access to the live chatrooms: 
  • You can create public and private notes.
  • You can see who viewed your profile.
  • You can access the forum to create, reply and comment on any topic.  

If you wish to join to access our Content without using the Social Features, that is possible too; just put your Profile on private.


If you have a playful personality, an open mind and a kinky partner,
then you will love our games.
They are especially designed to break down boundaries, push boundaries and 
 connect with your lover on a deeper level.

There are tantric games, romantic games,  food-sex games, artistic games, seductive games,  LOTS of BDSM scene ideas, role-plays and much more.  

All games are homemade, created and developed by Orgasmicways.  
They are not advised for those who are sensitive to kink or those who get easily shocked.  


Whether you are an experienced Master looking for ideas,
or just a newbie getting into the world of BDSM,
the Obedience Manual is there to inspire you 
 and to give you a chance, to share your own techniques.

Obedience is a collection of the most original things you can do with your Submissive, regardless of if you want to train them, punish them, or just play with them.

It is to be released one chapter at a time from 28/01/22. 
More info coming soon…


A sure-fire way many people—including me—get turned on
is by reading a hot, erotic story.
Therefore we have dedicated a whole part of our Website
especially for those. 

If you enjoy writing stories,
then show off on our website.   

We can post your story
for others to read and enjoy,
with all credit given to you.

Just fill out this form
(only accessible to Members)


Do you love a little bit of variety in your life?

Thanks to our Weekly Sex Spice,
you can play out a different Erotic Scene every week. 

Some are Vanilla games; others are BDSM ideas,
but nonetheless every Weekly Spice is kinky in its own aspect. 

So, one week,
you might be licking an ice cream off your partner’s butt,
while the week after
you could be tied up on the table, guessing what your Dominant is poking you with.  

But hey, isn’t variety the spice of life?


At OrgasmicWays,
we understand how hard it is
to promote your adult products. 

Believe me,
we have been there. 

Therefore we allow Erotic
Authors, Artists, Photographers
and small kink businesses
to promote on our site. 

Simply apply here,
to be included in our
Erotic Site Directory. 

At the moment,
this service is entirely free of charge. 

Are you ready
to promote without restrictions?

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By accessing the website and using the services,
you agree to be legally bound by these terms.

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