Whether you have just met, or been together for a lifetime,
playing this fun-filled game will add a bit of zing to your relationship.

You will laugh, explore and certainly finish in a sex-fueled private party. 
It could even pave the road to BDSM, if you have that mindset already.

For those who are in a BDSM relationship, this game could be adapted to fulfil your needs.  

There are 40 original games, you can play either with, or against your partner. 
You will compete for Lucky Coins, which you can spent at any time, on the most sexual dishes. 

So, if you are a couple who has a young spirit,
likes a bit of playful competition and absolutely loves sex,
then Vanilla Cream Party is the game for you!


To assure your game will go smoothly, 
ensure you have all
(or most)
of the following utensils to hand:

20 grams of chocolate or chocolate spread.

Cream (optional).

Sour sweets
(You could use a lollipop or honey instead.
For sensitive skin, use edible massage oil).

2 full rolls of toilet paper.

Pen and paper.

1 Blindfold.

1 belt.

1 piece of rope/ string/ cord 50 cm or longer
(The belt of a bathrobe is perfect).

A card (like a credit card).

A few coins

Some grapes, an apple or a pear.



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