If role-play is your thing, then search no further! 
This role-play will certainly reveal the kinkiest side of you.
The Dominant Player dresses up as the Doctor, while the Submissive partner wears their hair in ponytails and acts like a deranged Harley Queen fan. 

Play hard, soft, or anywhere in between. 
The Psycho Therapist is always in control and comes up with the most daring tests and chilling examinations. 
Temperature Play and Double Penetration are a big part of it, and the purchase of a few toys beforehand is advised, but not a must. 

This is an ideal game for the more established couple who already knows each other’s boundaries.
But, if you just met, and have a very adventurous connection, then play away! 
Just communicate about your likes and dislikes before you start. 

Hailey and the Psycho Therapist will satisfy your needs and make you forget about the world around you!

Intensity:  🔥🔥🔥

To assure your role-play will go smoothly, 
ensure you have all
(or most)
of the following toys to hand:

glass butt plug or  metal butt plug.

glass dildo.

asylum jacket or handcuffs.

 massage candle 
or warm lube

 ice cubes 

fisting toy (optional).

fisting glove (optional).

stretching toy (optional).

Pen and paper.

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