Role Play

Hailey stepped into the office, confined by her asylum jacket. 

Her mood was bad; she was very pissed off about having to attend this medical assessment.

With her mouth wide open, she was chewing a gum.

“Sit down, Hailey,” the Doctor instructed, as he walked towards her.
“Chewing gum,” he then added and put out his hand.

Not liking to be told what to do, Hailey spat the gum on the ground.

The Doctor laughed at first, but then in a brutish way, he pushed her down onto his desk and held her in that position. 

Then, with his bare hand, he spanked her butt so hard that he injured his own hand. But he didn’t show his pain. 

Neither did Hailey.  Her facial expression remained the same.
All she did was hum the same line from a Britney Spears’ song − “Hit me baby one more time.”

“Pass me the gum,” he instructed again, whilst pointing at it on the floor.

Hailey stared at him with crazy eyes. 
She just wanted to spit in his face,
but she knew she had to obey. 
After all, this Doctor would decide whether or not,
she could be moved to another institute.  
So reluctantly,
she knelt down onto the floor and picked up the  gum with her mouth.

Angrily, she chewed it again.

The Doctor grinned and sat down at his desk.

“Now, Hailey, according to my files, you are a certified nutcase, obsessed with the Harley Quinn character. 

You want to look like her − you dress like her.”
He shook his head and opened a thick folder that laid on his desk.

“I see, from the day you were locked up, you have caused some major troubles, including a full-scale riot. 

Yet you are claiming to be a reformed individual and requesting to be transferred to a lower-security unit?”

Hailey winked and licked her lips. “I am a reformed person, Doctor.”

She plunged down onto the chair that was meant for her.

“If only you untie me, I can show you just how reformed I am.”
She spread her legs wide open in front of him and hissed.

The Doctor laughed. “Well, Hailey, I must admit, I am quite fascinated by you. 
I had been told that you were nothing more than a damaged little girl, but now I can see you are much more than that! 
You are completely insane.”

Begin your role play by acting out this scene.
Remember, it doesn’t have to go exactly as it is written down. 

The most important thing is that you get into the role.

When you are finished with this role play scene, you can press  “continue with role play“.

From this moment on, Hailey has no longer access to see what is coming next.

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