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how to do a boob-job with small breasts?

How to do a boob-job with small breasts?

For most of my adult life, I had figured that my boobs were too small to give a boob-job. With barely filling a 34B/B75 cup, I couldn’t even imagine how I could wrap my ladies around a hard, sturdy penis. Slightly enviously, I often fantasised about how it would feel to be a larger-breasted woman and what it might be like to have beautiful, rounded attributes to satisfy my hungry man.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant, and my boobs swelled up to a DD, that my fantasy became a reality. Finally, I got to feel the pleasure in giving a full-breasted boob-job. And, although, they deflated from, pretty much, the moment I stopped breastfeeding, the skill was kept and the knowledge was gained, I discovered: You do not need big boobs to give a wonderful boob-job!!! And now, my kinky, small-breasted ladies, I’m sharing this knowledge and skill, with you so you can find out, how to do a boob-job with small breasts?

It is all about gravity and anatomy.

Giving a boob-job with small boobs might sound challenging, or even impossible. However, I can assure you with a few tricks and twists, you will be able to give him just as much pleasure as any full-breasted woman. In the end it is doubly rewarding, as, it won’t just be that your humbly small boobs will have wanked him off, but you will also have accepted this part of your feminine self as being, as worthy and powerful as the rest of your body. We all know what a wonderfully uplifting appreciation that is to have about your body.

How to do a boob-job with small breasts?

The easiest way to give a boob-job, if you have small boobs, is by having him lie down flat on the bed, or even supported with a few pillows behind his back, and you lying between his legs. Your boobs will simply hang down a bit, giving you everything to work with between your hands. This way you can press your boobs together, cup your hands around them, and wank his penis by sliding up and down.

Another handy position is when he leans back onto a sofa and you are on the floor, knelt between his legs. Simply move forward a bit to let gravity do its job, and cup your hands around your boobs and his manhood, to begin the wanking.

Is it really that easy?

Yes, pretty much! You don’t need big boobs to wank him off, you just need the right technique and plenty of confidence to just go with it and have fun. In case you are still doubtful, here are some hot tips, to help you along the way:

• Use plenty of oil, and give him a bit of a show whilst applying it. Drip it all over your beautiful, female cushions and stare into his eyes, as you massage the moisture into them. Men like confidence, more than any size, so flaunt what you have and be proud of it.

• Don’t underestimate the power of the nipple. It doesn’t matter how small your boobs might be, female nipples are incredible. They can get hard within seconds, by either sexual arousal or cold temperature. Men love nipples, whether it is to look at them, suck them, lick them or squeeze them.

On top of that, female nipples are way more graspable than their male equivalent, so take advantage of that. Show them off when they are nice and hard and move his hands onto your boobs, making him cup them also, as you wank his penis. A boob-job is not just about making him cum, it is also about accepting your femininity and feeling beautiful and desired in the process. It’s part of your sensual seduction.

• Don’t just use your boobs to massage him, use your entire body. Your boobs are as close to your mouth, as they are to your pussy, so when you are moving yourself up and down, switch it up by sometimes kissing him with your lips and other times teasing him with the wetness of your pussy.

• If you have long hair, then involve it. Stroke him, brush him or tickle him with it. You can even wrap it around his penis, as you carefully jerk him off with your boobs.

• Make sure you show him how much you are enjoying giving him a boob-job. One of the hottest images for most men is watching a passionate woman, eagerly pleasing them. Give him lots of eye contact when the opportunity calls for it and make moaning noises to express how much you are enjoying it.

So, my fellow small-boobed, sex-lovers, stop worrying about the size of your breasts. If you use plenty of oil, squeeze those boobs together hard and show him that you are loving every single second that you are pleasing him, then he has the full package and should be immensely grateful for it and you’ll love it too.

Leave your tricks or experiences of giving or receiving boob jobs in the comments.  How do you give a boob-job with small breasts?  Our other kinksters would love to hear your stories and tips! So would we!!

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