Rebecca had rung an agency, as she needed a handyman to do a couple of jobs around the house.  But not only did this handyman arrive an hour too late.   He was very slow in finishing the job.  For almost two hours, he had been upstairs, and each time Rebecca went to check up on him, he told her that the wardrobe was almost put together.  However, she didn’t see any progress, and it was an hourly paid job.  So, with every passing minute, Rebecca became more and more infuriated. 

Eventually, her patience was up.  Quietly, she climbed the stairs, paused a few seconds before opening the door, and then opened it swiftly.  However, she was shocked with what she saw!   He was sitting there, was smelling her underwear.  Instantly, he stood up, pulled up his trousers, and dropped her lingerie on the floor. “What the hell are you doing?” she shouted.

The man smiled nervously.  “I, I, I was just…” he stuttered. 

“I know what you were doing, you pervert!” she shouted and glanced at his noticeable stiff penis.  Although she was extremely angry, she was also quite turned on by the view.  After all, the handyman was quite the looker. 

“Bring me my underwear!” she said with a loud voice. 

“And put it back into your mouth” she added.  

“My mouth?” he stuttered.

“Are you deaf?” she asked.  “I am not going to ask you a second time.  If you want to keep your job, and stop me from ringing your boss, you better do what I tell you to do!”

Nervously, the man went down on all fours and took the underwear in his mouth. 

“Now give it to me!” she said impatiently, tapping her fingers on the door. 

The handyman was about to stand up, but Rebecca stopped him. 

“Stay on all fours!” she said.  “Don’t you dare to stand up!”

The handyman kept his head low.  Submissively, he crawled towards her.  His penis was pulsating.  This woman was extremely attractive, and her commands were turning him on immensely. 

“I’m sorry, Miss,” he mumbled when he reached her feet. 

“Do not dare to speak unless I give you permission, you dirty animal,” she replied and took the lingerie out of his mouth.  “I don’t believe there are men like you in this world.  You repulse me!  Stay where you are, and don’t move until I’m back,” she continued.

“Yes, Miss,” the man mumbled.  “I will…”

“You will not speak until I tell you to speak!” Rebecca shouted.  “You have lost all the rights you once had.  Henceforth, you are my Slave, and you are in big troubles!”

The man swallowed hard and stayed exactly as she had commanded him to.  He watched her as she left the room − his penis was harder than ever. 

Minutes passed until she came back.   And when she did, she was dressed in a dark red lingerie with high-heeled boots.



  • Return to your Sex Slave and command him to be naked. He will always be naked.  Civilized people wear clothes − he doesn’t!

  • Give your Sex Slave a special name. A dog name like “Fido” is always usable.  You could also feminise his real name.

  • Inform your Sex Slave of the rules. and tell that him that he will be punished,  if he breaks them.  You could also command him to read the rules out loud to you.  

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