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My 6 Favourite Sex Toys to Use as a Submissive Female

Back at home, we have a wardrobe full of toys, and I could write a book about our experiences using them.  Toys are there to enhance your pleasure during sex; they are your friends, not your enemies (please, men, remember that).

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One of the reasons our sex life is so amazingly good is because none of us ever shies away from introducing new toys to our sexual experiences with each other.  It is exciting and brings a bit of variation.  Isn’t variety the spice of life? Especially if you are a BDSM-loving couple, toys are a must.  Luckily, there is no shortage of which ones to choose from.

Today, I will share with you my 6 favourite sex toys to use as a Submissive female.

Wand Vibrator

I must put this toy on the top of my list because it just adds so much pleasure to our BDSM scenes. I am 100% masochistic and really enjoy having pain inflicted on me.  That is, when I am turned on already and have submitted myself fully.  It is a little-known fact that the more turned on I am, the more pain I can take.  So, thanks to a wand vibrator on my clit, I can take rougher sex, harder spanking and even deeper cutting when Sir is in a sadistic pin-play mood.

When Sir wishes to control my orgasm, or give me a series of forced orgasms, then he uses a wand vibrator as his go-to toy. The head is pretty large, and therefore it is hard to ‘miss the spot’.  The vibrations are so strong that you don’t even need to put it directly on your clitoris, just in the near vicinity.

OrgasmicWaysThe wand vibrator is also an incredible toy to add in certain positions as Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy Style and Spoon Position.

Massage Candle

I absolutely love massage candles, especially the creamy ones with a shea-butter base. The smell, the warm feeling of lubrication and the beautiful romance they add to a scene makes them absolutely irresistible.  Personally, I find the temperature of a massage candle that good, that Sir even drips it on my most sensitive parts without having any fear of me getting burned.

Do note that I have an exceptionally high pain tolerance, so when you do involve a massage candle, test your own tolerance first.  You can experiment with the temperature, by either holding the candle higher or lower to the skin.

In our relationship, massage candles are used as a reward, for when I have been exceptionally good.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as much as I would like, but when Sir does involve a candle, I am legs-wide-open for whatever it is he has in mind for me.

I do like the BDSM candles too.  They are perfect for wax play and much hotter than the massage candle.  They leave a beautiful aroma in the room and there are even a few nasty but fun BDSM games/scenes you can involve them with.  Just click here and here.

Nipple sticks

Nipple sticks are basically nothing more than nipple clamps, but in stick form.  Just imagine pinching your nipples between two chopsticks, except less of the Chinese food delivery and more of the sex.

When the nipple sticks are on, you can flick them, pull them and play with them.  They are easy to use and adjust, regardless of how sensitive your nipples are.  However, they do come with a little warning, as taking them off can be just as painful as putting them on, if not more so. Therefore keep that in mind.

Another fun way to use the nipple sticks is by attaching them on the pussy’s outer or inner lips.  The feeling is sensational, and once again, the pain is easily controlled by just easily manoeuvring the sticks.


I love the feeling of having my skin scraped, and this is exactly what this claw does.  Every pin is as sharp as the other, and will surely leave a mark on tender flesh.

You can use it softly for tickling, or for adding a bit of pain by dragging those nails over freshly flogged skin. It is easy to handle, made of stainless steel, and a perfect addition to any sensation play scene.

Bondage Hood

Wearing a hood during BDSM play is incredible. Not only will you feel the part, but you will look it too.  There are so many benefits you get wearing one, especially if you compare a hood with a blindfold.  Firstly, it doesn’t matter what you do, your hood will always stay just in the one place.

Secondly, no more fighting with your hair falling in front of your eyes whilst going down south your Dom. A hood will keep all your hair neatly tucked away.  And thirdly, you can take as many pictures as you want; nobody would ever know it is really you.  Then add the incredible feeling of the latex material and the slight impairment of hearing, and this definitely makes the hood one of my favourite BDSM toys.

Open-Mouth Gag

This is Sir’s favourite blowjob toy; as for me, it is a love-hate relationship.  The best thing about an open mouth gag is that it is much easier to fully take him in. In other words, deepthroat made easy.  On top of that, it is impossible to push the gag back out with your tongue.  So there is the feeling of complete powerlessness, which I absolutely love.

However, there are a few cons to this toy that I should mention too.  First and foremost, when you wear it, you can’t talk, not even a mumble.  But what there is instead, is an uncontrollable amount of drooling, which brings me to my second and last con.  Funny enough, these two cons are exactly why Sir likes this toy so much.

So, this is it, my 6 favourite sex toys to use as a Submissive.  Leave in comments below, your favourite sex toys as a Submissive or as a Dominant.  We would love to hear from you!

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