Obedience is an Electronic Manual that shows you many different ways to dominate a woman.
It is created specifically for the male Master and the female Sub.  This is because the tasks are specific and detailed.   If femdom is what you are looking for, then Male Submission would be more suitable for you. 

Obedience will show you how to dominate a woman without the use of any restraints.  A few toys are used, but these are totally optional. 

This manual is about offering yourself fully to the Master and doing exactly what he is telling you to do,

It  comes with its own set of rules and poses, and a bit of prior studying is advised. 

This manual is perfect for those starting their BDSM journey, but also for those more experienced.  Using it will inspire and challenge you. 

 Prior communication is certainly advised, as this game leaves no stones unturned.  

A selection of toys is a great attribute, but none of them are a necessity.  Of course, the more toys you have, the more aspects of the game you can participate in. 

Are you brave enough to venture into Obedience?

Intensity: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Enhance your experience, and read our
Obedience blog post, prior to playing.

To make your playdate go smoothly, 
ensure you have all
(or most)
of the following utensils to hand:

A flogger, cane or riding crop.

A Wartenberg wheel or claw.

A standing massage candle.

At least 1 tealight massage candle.

A blindfold.

A buttplug (optional).

A dildo or vibrator (optional).

A bunch of grapes or other fruit.

A banana or aubergine.

Some snacks.

Ice cubes.

Collar and lead.

A bucket or foot bath.

Pen and paper. 

A handful of clothes pegs

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