Allow your Servant to practise her knowledge on the Obedience Rules and the Submissive poses, a final time, before proceeding any further.

Command your Servant to sensually demonstrate all of the Submissive Poses to you, one by one.
She can use her handwritten manual as reference.


Command your Servant to stand in front of you.
While she stands, she will read out all the Obedience Rules, loud and clear.


Instruct your Servant into the Table Pose and command her to study the Submissive Poses and/or Obedience Rules,
while you have full control of her body.


Instruct your Servant to have her butt onto your lap and make her study all the
Submissive Poses / Obedience Rules.  Use a toy to play with her in the meanwhile.



Command your Servant to bend over and place her elbows on a table or sofa. Spank her with your hands while she reads the Obedience Rules out to you.


Order your servant to sit on your penis and instruct her to read out the Obedience Rules / Submissive Poses to you.  Make sure she multi-tasks;
she needs to read and satisfy you at the same time.

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