Test your Servants knowledge, and ask her any of the questions bellow.  Will you show empathy if she makes a mistake?

Clothes pegs are a fantastic attribute, for this part of the manual.  You can choose exactly how many to use and where exactly you put them.  Remember that some clothes pegs fit tighter than others.  If your Servant is new to this, then opt for the cheaper clothes pegs, as they will not hurt as much as the high-quality ones. 


  • When can you touch the Master?

You can only touch the Master when he gives you permission.

  • What must you do if you need to use the toilet?

You must first ask for permission to speak.
Then, you can ask for permission to use the toilet.

  • What should you do after each punishment?

You must be grateful and thank the Master for punishing you.

  • What happens when you finish a challenge or a task?

You must go back into Nadu Pose and wait for the next command.

  • What is Obedience Rule number 6

You shall never attempt to escape.

  • What do you do if you feel you are close to an orgasm?

You must wait for your Master’s permission before you can orgasm.
Alternatively, you could ask for permission to speak and then ask for permission to orgasm.

  • What can be done if the Master has left the room?

You must remain still, until he has returned and grants you permission to move.

  • How do you reply to the Master?

You must always use two phrases, either:
“Yes, Master” or “No, Master.”

  • What is Obedience Rule number 10?

You shall always remain in Nadu Pose, even without the Master instructing you.
Nadu Pose is your Basic Pose, in which you rest in between challenges.

  • Can you touch yourself if you feel pain anywhere?

Your body is owned by your Master − even to touch yourself, you need his permission.

  • What can I do if I am thirsty?

You shall never change positions unless you have permission to do so.
If you are thirsty, first ask for permission to speak, and then ask for permission to get a drink.

  • What is Obedience Rule number 1?

You shall always speak to the Master in an honorable way.
(Yes, Master / No, Master / I will, Master.)

  • What is Obedience Rule number 3?

You shall always obey the Master and never doubt him.



Blindfold your Servant.
Then command her to demonstrate
all of the poses
to you. 

  • Make sure she does each position perfectly.
    If she has a bad posture, correct her.
  • Let her remain in your favourite position for a longer time.

Either watch her quietly or play with her. 
The choice is yours.

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