If the Wartenberg wheel is not your thing, than use a Tickler instead.

Command your Servant to sit between your legs. Hold her firmly.    Then roll the wheel over her body, whilst looking into her eyes.  Enjoy the intimacy, connection and trust that comes with this play.


Blindfold your Servant.  Then roll the Wartenberg wheel over her body.   Use the Wartenberg wheel very gently and slowly.  
Focus on her feet, for extra tickly sensations. 

Command her into Kneel Pose and tell her to satisfy you with her mouth. 
Roll the Wartenberg wheel into her skin, while she looks into your eyes.  
Roll the wheel in deeper into her skin if you like the vibrations of her painful moans.

Command your Servant into Doll Pose with her legs spread.  
Kiss and lick her sensitive parts. 
Then, roll the Wartenberg wheel over her inner thighs and belly.   (Some women like it over their genitals too.)
The hornier she is, the more pain she can take and the more pressure you can add with the toy.
Find the perfect balance between pleasure and pain. 
If you think she deserves it, then bring her to orgasm.

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