Privacy Settings

Control Who Can See What You Share

Create Album

By Default, when creating an Album,
your pictures will be shown on the bottom of your profile page  and
on the Albums page visible and accessible to all Members.

Click here to delete your photos or Albums. 
Select Edit option
( green settings wheel beside Album / Photo )
and click Delete.

Members Page

Privacy Settings

By Default, your profile is Public,
and can be seen by all Orgasmic Members.
Account Settings – Privacy

Change Hide my profile from directory – Yes,
to hide yourself from appearing
in the Members Directory.

Top Orgasmic Pics

Any of your Photos on the Album Page
could Appear as a Top Orgasmic Picture.

If you decide to delete your account,
please click here
to have those pictures removed from
the Top Orgasmic Picture Display.

If you do not wish
any of your posts to appear as
the Top Orgasmic Picture,
please click here,
and send: Remove Orgasmic Picture.

All Orgasmic pictures are updated on a monthly basis.


Notes Privacy Settings

Before publishing new note,
Select Only me or Everyone 
to choose who can view your Note.
You can Edit your published Notes.
Notes privacy selected as Everyone will appear 
on Notes Page visible to all Members.

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