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Become an Orgasmic Ways representative and promote our Erotic Games for Lovers.   Simply play one of our games, and sent us your pictures while doing so.

We will post this picture on our Website Games Page, with your Social Media username. 


  1. Get approved by filling out this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You will then be granted 1 week of free access, to the game you wish to promote.
  2. Take a picture playing the game, and upload it to us.

    3. Your picture or video will then be posted. It will only be visible to those who have purchased that particular game.   If people like what they see, they can follow the link beneath the picture/video, which will take them straight to your chosen Social Media account. 


Do I need to show my face in the picture/video?

No, you can keep your identity hidden.  If you want to wear a mask, or film in an angle which doesn’t show your face, it is totally fine. 

Do I need to have an Social Media account?

No, you can sent in your picture for us to use, without having any Social Media.  

Will all my pictures be used?

We cannot guarantee that we will use all or any of the pictures sent to us.  Unused pictures, will be deleted from our database straight away.  

Do I need to be a model for the pictures?

We have no set rules, when it comes to age or body image.  Anyone can play our Erotic Games, and become a Orgasmic Ways representative, regardless of how they look. 

Will my pictures or videos be shared?

Your pictures or videos will not be shared with any third parties and will stay exclusively on our Website.   

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