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Are you new to being a Sub or Little and like to know what its like to go through a scene with Daddy? Let me describe a scene being my Little/Sub.

As you are well aware little one you will receive your text message from Daddy when it is time to come to the playroom. I will have your cuffs, collar and leg cuffs laid out for you when you enter.

(Text sent) Immediately come to the playroom.  When you enter, kneel in front of the play area until Daddy is ready to put on your bondage gear.
As you kneel I will walk over and put on your gag and blindfold. I will then help you into your attention position as I put on your leg and wrist cuffs and play collar. Your hair will be put into a single pony tail as its easier to pull your hair when I desire to do so.

I will guide you over to the play area and stand you with your back against the wall.
“Keep your arms at your sides little one,”  I will say as I take the prepared bindings.  While putting my foot on the inside of your foot I will spread your legs to just about the distance that feels a little uncomfortable. This is where your legs will be strapped into place.

As I lean in and put my hands around your wrists I will whisper;
“I hope your legs feel strong tonight little one”.   I will bind your arms above your head just a little over stepping the limit of your reach.
I will grab the oil and rub your body down slowly passing over your tits,  clit, under your arms and the inside of your thighs.  I will remind you that the oil will help the crop slide during the strike and not stick which will help a little with the pain you are going to feel.

The tension will already have your pussy wet with apprehension about what is going to happen to you as I put a finger into your cunt and slowly pulling it out I will rub it on your lips and say;
“tonight your pleasure and pain will be intense” as your forced to suck Daddies finger and taste yourself.

Grabbing two silicone vibrators, I will start with them on low and begin passing them over your body from your neck, over your nipples, under your arms, stomach, outer and inner thighs but your pussy will have to wait.  That pleasure is not for you to decide – its for Daddy to decide.

I will then get to my knees and softly blow on your shaved cunt making sure to pass over your clit multiple times.
I can see your pussy is forming a long wet string hanging off of your cunt.  I will just let it hang there and whisper in your ear
“You’re Daddies good little slut.”

I will inset a finger just enough to get it nice and wet, pulling it out it will be sufficiently lubed to slip into your ass reminding you that you self lubricate your own ass for Daddy to use. As my long middle finger goes deep into your ass you will begin to tremble and ask “Daddy may I cum please?”  I will wiggle my finger in a circular motion deep in your ass and as I pull it out will say “NO” you may not cum.

Its now feather time. I will pass the feather over your body paying attention to your neck, stomach, nipples and clit until your shaking with your hands clinched in a fist trying to control your pleasure.  Then suddenly, you will feel the stinging pain of the leather paddle across your thigh “SMACK” with a whimper from you as Daddy whispers “its not all pleasure girl remember you’re mine.”

I insert a finger into your wet pussy and give you a quick lick from the tip of my tongue on your clit.  “SMACK” that bite and sting of the leather paddle as you ask, beginning to cry “Daddy can I please cum” Then I will fall silent and step back watching your pussy throb as the tears wet your blindfold and I will wait…

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”You fucking slut, look at you crying with your wet cunt throbbing what am I to do with you” I will say after several moments have passed. You will feel your humiliation for loosing control so quickly when Daddy put his hands on you.
“Are you a good girl” I will ask and you will say “yes Daddy I am your good girl”.

You will then hear the magic wand turn on and I will swing the crop through the air as you hear the “swoosh”.  Your whimpers are clearly audible now and I will say;
“spread your legs wider.”
As you try to open them for Daddy your legs are already getting strained from standing open for so long.
“Let me see your devotion to your Daddy.”

The magic wand will be on the lowest setting but it won’t matter for your throbbing cunt – it will feel like god and the angels have arrived until the devil bites and the crop hits your outer thigh. As I pass over your nipples and your stomach with the wand, I will slowly move it to your clit.  As I suck your nipples you will scream
“Daddy im cumming”

At that moment you will feel the sting of my crop and the wand will be moved from vibrate to pulse.  As you start to scream, every movement you make hurts your shoulders, wrists and inner thighs.   Your body begins to vibrate and shake uncontrollably and your tunnel vision comes.  Before you pass out you will hear Daddy say
“that’s my good girl, cum for your Daddy” and that’s just the first of three scenes.

This is a typical play session with Little B. We have three scenes. Scene 1 is the build up. Scene 2 towards the end is intense. Scene 3 intense moving into the coming down period. 2 scenes in stress positions and the last when she can no longer stand on the BDSM table. After that is usually minimum 1 to 2 hours of aftercare.

Stay kinky

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