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Cow Factory Orgasmic Ways


I wake up with a feeling that something is wrong. My memory is foggy, but then I remember what happened. I was running from something. No, someone, I remember running through a forest, heart racing, blood pumping, adrenaline surging, breathing fast but steady, I was running like my life depended on it, but I couldn’t remember who or what I was running from.

I was running like prey running from a predator that was stalking it relentlessly. I couldn’t tell if I had more than one pursuer, but in that moment it didn’t matter. I just kept running as if there was no tomorrow, I then see what looked like civilization, I keep running thinking that I will be safe, but I then feel something sharp hit me in the back.

Almost immediately, I am overcome from feeling sleepy. I slow down and then collapse on the floor only catching a shadow of a figure before I blackout. My senses then become clearer and something is definitely wrong. My hands and legs are restrained, and I am hanging over a floor with my stomach facing the floor. Not just that, but something round and rubber-like fills most of my mouth, keeping me from speaking.

A ball gag, but it has a strap covering my lips and enveloping my chin, with straps wrapping around my cheeks. The back part of the strap is attached to something, keeping my head from moving. I try to survey surroundings with my eyes, and I see what looks like medical machines and equipment that you would find in hospitals. I then realize something that I didn’t before. I’m not wearing any clothes, except for what felt like a leather underwear piece with a hole in the center where my cock is hanging through.

However, it felt as though there was some kind of cage around it, restricting it. I seem to be in some kind of warehouse and I start to panic as I don’t know where I am or why I’m here. Lights suddenly turn on and I notice that I appear to be in a divided section of the warehouse. It was at this moment while struggling to get free that I noticed a collar around my neck with some kind of bell attached to it.

Then in the distance I hear a heavy door open and close. Followed by distant footsteps growing louder. Immediately, however, I noticed that the footsteps were being made by high heels hitting a hard surface. My heart started racing as the footsteps grew louder as they got closer, until I could start to see the shadow of the person behind the footsteps growing. Slowly but surely the shadow grew until finally, the person behind the shadow and footsteps came into view.

It was a woman, in what seemed to be 3-inch black thigh high boots, with a tight black miniskirt, a black latex short-sleeved shirt with the zipper low enough to see her cleavage, and a leather bike jacket. She had a busty and slightly curvy body type, but still had a somewhat slender body, with a large set of breasts and miniskirt seemed to flaunt her large and seemingly perfect ass.

Despite her beautiful looks that could potentially bedazzle any man or woman, in that moment I was terrified. I couldn’t understand why she was dressed like that and what she was going to do to me. Shen then took her jacket off and hung it on a hook. She was carrying a pen and clipboard. Her hair was blonde and flowed smoothly while she walked. She then came up to me and asked “shall we begin number 88?”

Written by Akka

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