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what is chaturbate


What is chaturbate? Quite simply it is the only truly free sexy webcam site that offers hardcore action for well, free. So end of the article right? No, no that was just foreplay, lets go on a chaturbate porn odyssey.

what is chaturbate

Disclaimer – We are promoting chaturbate and its models because we love the kink to them, BUT we are also affiliates, so if you like OrgasmicWays then pick a girl and give her money! There are +5000 girls to choose from, so have your pick.

A brief history of porn on the internet

When Al Gore invented the internet it was initially intended as way for fat people to have sex and as a means for people to share memes. Little did he know at the time, but with the invention of the internet he was also revolutionizing porn.


For those of us of the 40+ vintage we will remember all the pop-up windows and sires that expected you to PAY to get your rocks off. Yes I was one of those guys that only took the free trial, heck I didn’t even have a credit card! Sadly these days did not last forever.

And the lord said “let there be PornHubs”.

Thankfully this paying for porn clap-trap could only last so long and along came the Hub. This is a place where videos are stored and you can search for whatever you like.

“Asian Midget getting spanked by African tribesmen” – You got it. Porn Hub’s are things you either get, or you don’t. If you are reading this I will assume you get it, I will though go off on a tangent and share an anecdote.

“When your girl says she’s going for a job interview”

A few years ago there was an amusing meme on Facebook that showed “casting couch” and the words “When your girl says she’s going for an interview”. I shared this. Many people posted LOL and the like, but one Canadian guy of the Vanilla persuasion just kept replying “I don’t get it”, as if it was a form of sexism. I kept trying to explain you either get it, or you don’t, with porn it is that simple.

What is Chaturbate? And what came before?

Again for those of us of a certain vintage we will remember the original web cam sites. They would have girls teasing you with naughtiness, but you would have to pay to “go private”. I admit I once did this on Filipino Web Cams – I was sorely let down. I’m sure I blew my beans, but it would have been cheaper in the end flying to the Philippines.

what is chaturbate

To read about who bar fines work in the Philippines click here

Something had to be done for the cheap ones of us out there! What is chaturbate? It is the savior of the web cam industry.

What is Chaturbate then????

OK, that’s enough foreplay, time for the vinegar stroke! Chaturbate largely remains open whether you pay, or not, but the guys, girls or couples do “tricks” when they get enough tips. There is even one option whereby a lady will have a vibrator in her lady garden that will go off whenever money is received, always amusing.

what is chaturbate

Also it is not some vanilla shit either, this is the real deal, they have couples, water sports, trans, dommes, the whole nine yards. If you have a kink, chances are Chaturbate have somehow got you covered.

And that is what Harry at Orgasmic Ways thinks about Chaturbate. What is Chaturbate? A great way to see hot chicks and get your rocks off!

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